18 November 2018

Change Black & White Image To Any Color The Easy Way

Sometimes we need to change black & white image to other color the easy way without need to remove the black first. For example, in this sample image of the classic VW Buggy, the original image is black & white jpeg image, so the idea is to change the VW Buggy from boring black to any other color of your choice, for your poster design let say.

Make It Solid Black Bitmap Image

First of all, you need to change the source to solid Bitmap Image. So open Adobe Photoshop..
→ set the image to Greyscale (to make sure its only black & white)
→ then convert to Bitmap (to make every pixel of the image is solid black pixel - Mono)
Save it to .PSD (.TIF, or .BMP also can)

Change The Color In Vector Graphic App - Illustrator

Open Adobe Illustrator and you can start change the color of the VW Buggy van and enjoy your design with it.
→ in Adobe Illustrator, Open the saved file
Select it (using Selection Tool)
→ At the Fill Color tool, change the color as you like

Video Tutorial Change Black & White Image To Any Color The Easy Way

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