25 September 2019

Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10

When you upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows 7, you'll notice that the Control Panel was missing. At the same time you'll notice a new Windows Settings (a gear icon) in the Start Menu. Microsoft was hide the Control Panel in Windows 10 (I'm not sure about Windows 8), maybe for some acceptable reasons.

Most of the settings you can get through Windows Settings itself in Windows 10, such as setting up your internet connection, etc. However the Windows Settings in Win10 does not contains all the settings that you might looking for.

This is the reason you may need to access the Control Panel instead. The Windows 10's Control Panel is different than Windows Settings, some task you need the Control Panel to access it, such as when you would like to change your Administrator's account name of your PC.

So here is video tutorial to show you where is the Control Panel in Windows 10. You can then create shortcut for easy access to the Control Panel later.

Where Is The Control Panel In Windows 10

Control Panel in Windows 10


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