20 May 2020

Photoshop Gradient Map Tutorial

Photoshop Gradient Map

Few weeks ago a member in one of a Telegram group had asked, 'What kind of effect to create as the sample image'. He provide the image of Snowden film as shown below.

So if you look at the man character named Snowden, it used 2 tones (or 3 tones) of color to render the character's face. In Adobe Photoshop, one of the the effect that we can use is Gradient Map.

A post by a member in the Telegram group

Photoshop Gradient Map

We show you how easy to use the Gradient Map effect in Adobe Photoshop, the classic way. Just prepare your subject photo with no background to works on.

Play the Video in HD

Perhaps, the most difficult part in Gradient Map is to get the perfect tone colors.. that's all.. enjoy.


  1. This Is Really Great Work. Thank You For Sharing Such A Good And Useful Information Here In The Blog.

  2. I am psd lover as guardient tool is not as easy we think.


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