Brush is one of the important element in Digital Illustration's artwork using Adobe Illustrator. We might be familiar with those ready made Brushes available in the software since the previous versions of Illustrator. But are they enough for variety of artworks or creativity..? Sure we will always love to download free Brushes available on the net. But there are plenty of it and most of them not suites our needs, some we don't have the time to preview or to know the results. Then the idea to customise our own Brushes for specific artworks is a good decision.

Here are one of the comprehensive tutorial explained how to create Brushes profile width to be use in any Illustrator CS versions. The Brushes profiles shown as below..

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Converting a Pantone color to CMYK in Adobe Illustrator is just a click away.. but how to convert CMYK to Pantone color..? Before that, why we need to convert CMYK to Pantone color, you asked..? As designer, sometimes we need to have only spot color(s) in our artwork. Or perhaps a design that needs a specific color other than CMYK it self, so the extra spot color is needed in the artworks. Yes it means the artwork holds more than 4 colors, CMYK + Pantone.

So here is the Tips on How To Convert CMYK To Pantone in Illustrator the easy way in this video tutorial.

An another guide on How To Convert CMYK To Pantone clearly explained in text & images tutorial below..

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