12 August 2017

How To Trace Font Text With Illustrator [Video Tutorial]

Dealing with artwork tracing from jpeg image to vector, such as trace logo from jpeg image is common to graphic or visual designer. The real problem that we, as designer often facing are not the complicated artwork itself, but to find the correct font used in the artwork.

Let say a client request to vectorise a logo (to convert or trace from jpeg image to vector illustration) for their company or product, when the owner of the logo itself don't know the font name used in the logo, the designer have to find it out to use the font as the text in the logo artwork.

After hours wasting time searching for the correct font used with negative result, we may end up with a decision to trace the font text instead.. and here we share some of our font tracing tips to make the complicated job a bit faster & easier.

Hope you find it useful and can apply for your tracing works. If you have question, you can ask via youtube comment or in the comment box below.. enjoy..

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