29 February 2012

Illustrator Script - Organize

An Illustrator script named Organize was created by demand of a user to designer and scripter, John Wundes. He is a scripts writer for Adobe Illustrator as in his website.

Well this Organize script purpose is to organize (of course) Arrangements by size:
  • small to large
  • large to small
  • vertical axis
  • horizontal axis
  • left ↔ right
  • right ↔ left
  • random

More info & download in http://js4ai.blogspot.com/2012/02/organize.html.
Make sure to saved it in C:\Program Files\Adobe\Illustrator CS\Presets\Scripts or your default illustrator Scripts' folder.
I've download it and will give it a try and will give my personal feedback perhaps ; )
You can find all of his Adobe Illustrator Script's listing in his scripts archives.

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